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Black Friday Campaign 2022

I was the content writer for the 2022 Black Friday email campaign promoting the Interaction Design Foundation's Black Friday sale.
This campaign was the highest-performing Black Friday in the company's entire 20-year history; I worked closely with our head of marketing to create engaging content that catered to our specific user groups.


The campaign targeted members and nonmembers who subscribed to our newsletter with personalized emails for each psychographic group.

Members received emails that validated their choice to be a member and gave them a sneak peek into upcoming content to look forward to if they remained members.

Nonmembers were treated to a list of membership benefits and encouraged to become members through clear CTAs.


The copy followed the guidelines of the voice and tone of our brand, and the emails were crafted as personal messages from the company founder, Mads Soegaard. I was also responsible for quality assurance, testing each email for formatting, spelling and visual design. Once the content was crafted, I was responsible for uploading the emails to our online platform for scheduling.


The email campaign was a massive success and resulted in the highest-performing Black Friday in the company's history. These emails were received by over 150,000 recipients.

This campaign's success led me to become the content lead on other email campaigns, such as our Valentine's Day campaign.

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