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Handshake was a mobile app that let freelancers and clients manage payments, track milestones, and communicate all in one place.

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As the UX writer, I was asked to edit all the microcopy, such as adding tooltips and revising button text, occasionally modifying the design when needed.
I also developed a voice and tone that would make sense for the product and ensure the consistent use of terms and clarity of instructions.


Clients needed to send payments to freelancers and approve the hours worked. Freelancers needed to get paid and report their progress on a project. Both user types have different needs and tasks related to that.

The content needed a consistent voice and tone, and the users should feel confident they can rely on the app for their business. More guidance was needed for high-stress tasks and situations.

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The app needs to guide freelancers and clients through the process of creating a job, inputting hours, and sending payments. The original design lacked a human-sounding voice and left the user confused about key decision points in the process. The microcopy needed to be clear about tasks, reduce stress, and provide guidance for common issues in freelance work.

Style Guide


Handshake values communication and preserving working relationships.

Handshake concentrates on getting work done. Freelancers need payment, and clients need to be up to date on progress. Handshake ensures both sides stay satisfied with their business arrangement.

Handshake knows a thing or two about keeping freelance work hassle-free. It will give useful tips and advice when prompted.



Handshake uses a concise, formal tone for most interactions. Handshake rarely uses humor and maintains a professional demeanor.

Handshake will occasionally use exclamations to show enthusiasm and encouragement. These should have the tone of coworkers sharing in an achievement.

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