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Design Wire

Design Wire was the Interaction Design Foundation's social media weekly newsletter, which covered a variety of topics related to design, user research and other topics related to user experience design.

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From October 2022 to October 2023, I worked in collaboration with one other writer to create posts that would inform, engage, and delight our audience.

It was also used to promote new courses, webinars and membership deals.


These posts drove up engagement with our members, informed them of product releases, and curated articles and content relevant to the topic of the week.

The tone of these posts was playful and insightful and coaxed the reader to explore the topic more through our published works through clear CTAs and eye-grabbing visuals.

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Design Wire had over 140,000 subscribers, with posts reaching over 400 reactions on LinkedIn. Email subscribers numbered over 10,000, with an open rate of 24%.

These posts had an integral role to play in promoting new courses, webinars and articles.


Below are links to a few posts where I was the primary writer. Enjoy!


In UX, we always put the user first for the best experience possible. However, designers are sometimes one of many puzzle pieces in delivering that experience. For services, it’s crucial to support the end user and the service provider so that the service is profitable, fair to the end user and financially sustainable.

We have been overwhelmed by the positive response of our Master Classes. It's our absolute pleasure to host our expert-led webinars for you. You may have missed the opportunity to see the live stream and have your questions answered by the experts, but did you know you can watch any Master Class from our library?

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This one's for the beginners! It's easy to confuse UX and UI at first. This newsletter is all about the basics: UX vs UI, what they are, what a UX designer is and how to become one.

AI is one of the most powerful technologies developed in the last decade—it’s already begun to revolutionize industries worldwide, including user experience design. But what is AI? And how can it affect the work we do today?

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Games research is a branch of user research that analyzes the motivations and desires of players to guide the development of new games or features. Those insights allow game designers to respond to the evolving needs of players and discover what players enjoy most from their products.

Data tables and other spreadsheets are often the best solutions for presenting a vast amount of complex data, but they can be overwhelming. A good user interface can help make the most intimidating data table into a manageable tool anyone can use.

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