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It's great to meet you!
I'm a designer, researcher, and content strategist, passionate about communication and empathetic solutions to everyday problems.
Feel free to take a look around.

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Writer, Designer, User Researcher

Empathy and efficiency intersect in excellent design choices.
I have been a teacher, game developer, and market researcher.
In every team, I provide a keen practical sense, a good sense of humor, and a willingness to listen.
I have a passion for creating user experiences that fit our fast-paced lives.
My storytelling and teaching expertise brings a unique perspective to every project.

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Now that's what I'm talking a Bot!

I designed this series of challenges to hone my skills in conversational design for chatbots. I played with different voices, tones, and designs based on the product or service. Check out the mini style guides for each one.

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UX Writing Capstone Project

Clients use the app to send payments to freelancers and approve hours worked.

Freelancers use the app to request payment and report progress on a project.  

The app is shared by these distinct user types, who have different needs and wants.

The edits are in magenta, the original text is on the left.

First screen (Left: Original Screens, Right: My Revisions)


The app needs to guide freelancers and clients through the process of creating a job, inputting hours, and sending payments. The original design lacked a human-sounding voice and left the user confused in key decision points in the process. The microcopy needed to be clear about tasks, reduce stress, and provide guidance for common issues in freelance work.
(Edits are in magenta)


User research says freelancers want a simple method to submit hours and request payment. They want clarity and guidance around payment requests and budget proposals. If a conflict occurs, they want options and guidance.

The clients would like a simple method to manage payments and track their freelancer’s work. For the client, the goal is to reduce unnecessary communication. They want to see a project’s progress at a glance. They should receive reminders of late payments and upcoming milestones.



The content was rewritten to have a consistent voice and tone. The users should be confident they can rely on the app for their business.

Tooltips added guidance to high-stress points in the flow. Payments and budget proposals were all tweaked to reduce friction and relieve anxiety. 

Voice characteristics

Thoughtful: Handshake values communication and people’s feelings.  
“If you change a milestone, be sure to send Tom a heads-up first.”

Focused: Handshake concentrates on making sure work gets done. Freelancers need to receive timely payment, clients need to be up to date on progress. Both sides stay satisfied with their business arrangement.

“Let’s get you paid! Double-check your hours and pay rate and put in notes when necessary.”

Savvy: Handshake knows a thing or two about keeping freelance work hassle-free.

“Payment request waiting. It's good to approve payments by the end of the workweek, but sooner is always better.” 


The microcopy evolved to be more savvy, empathetic, and efficient. 
The freelancer dashboard improved with the addition of an inbox in the Navbar. Submitting hours included options to add additional costs, notes, and a weekly view.
The budget proposal and approval process became more transparent. This is so both users could better understand what the other was seeing and what they were responsible for.

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I was part of a small team catering to various domestic and international clients.
Our surveys leveraged qualitative and quantitative research to uncover hidden perspectives, biases and attitudes.
We helped clients better to understand their customer's emotional responses to their products.



  • Editing Survey text

  • Programming survey logic to simplify key interactions and trigger specific questions.

  • Writing translation matrices to convert our surveys to Italian, French, and Cantonese.

  • Creating data visualizations of our findings in Excel.

  • Strategizing our email campaigns for personalized surveys.

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Hygiene with Chhota Bheem is a play-based curriculum encouraging handwashing with soap and toilet use for children ages seven to eleven years old.

Hygiene with Chhota Bheem reached almost 20,000 children in India.

It trained more than 1000 teachers, community health workers, and nurses.

The program makes a difference in more than 80 governmental and non-governmental organizations.

This intervention received the International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases Gaming Award in 2018.

I was part of a small team that started in the research phase and moved into the design and development phases.


Before development began, we researched the mobile usage statistics of our key demographics. Synthesizing data from a variety of sources, I presented my findings weekly. These insights led to a physical education curriculum as well as a digital game, to better serve rural areas with low digital literacy.


I wrote the first draft of the screenplay for this promotional video. The video exemplifies the playful tone of the game but also the severity of the problem it addresses. This presentation advocated for our unique approach to potential investors and partners.


I took the initiative by editing the video narratives into a screenplay format. The included animation cues, grammar, and improved clarity were essential for the animation team. This saved a great deal of money and time in the animation process.

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